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CatMDEdit Frequently Asked Questions

Any doubt or problem related to CatMDEdit installation or usage will be welcome at

How to install CatMDEdit on Windows 7 / Windows Vista

First and most important, it is necessary to have a user privileged enough to complete the installation. This includes the posibility to create files and folders under the installation path. Special folders such as "Program Files" are treated in a special way in this new generation of Operating System, it is advisable to install it in other folders.

How to install and run CatMDEdit on MAC OS

Although CatMDEdit haven't been tested on MAC OS, it is entirely written in Java, which enables it to be run under any operating system with a Java Virtual Machine.
Installation on MAC OS:

  • Download .jar file from the repository
  • Double click on it (installation will be launched at this moment)
  • Follow the installation wizard

Run (in a terminal): there are two ways to execute CatMDEdit:

  • Making CatMDEdit executable:
  • Give file execution privileges
$>chmod +x
  • run CatMDEdit:
  • Using bash:
  • Use bash application to run CatMDEdit: